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"AROOPRATAN" - music: ultimate !


AROOPRATAN started giving performances as a child artiste when he was merely 6 years old, in the year 1969. He used to play the Bongo, then. He is also known by the name Nilanjann, which was actually his school name and got stuck with it, for many years!



 Versatile Composer – Singer, Nilanjan Nandy now comes up with “COLOUR PALETTE”, where he blends Hindustani Classical Music with just the right amount of Contemporary Styles and Pure Jazz to make this World Music Fusion Album, a ‘once in a lifetime collection’!

This album signifies the ‘journey of life’, encompassing Eternity, Yesterdays, Rituals, Love, Urban Mornings and Farewell as well and presents the Indian Bamboo flute as the Ultimate Male Character, Lord Krishna, and the Stringed instrument Sarod as the ever fertile Female character, Dharitri; as they unite in every juncture of life to create new sounds, to give birth to a new promise.

As an accompaniment with the Purush and Prakriti, Tenor and Alto Saxophone, Keyboards, English Flutes, Dholaks, Drums, Piano, String Section, Electric Lead Guitars, Percussions and Santoor has been used.


 Nilanjan Nandy

(Hindustani Classical fused with Contemporary Styles)


1.      Honey-pot (Raga Madhuvanti)

2.      Eternity (Raga Jaunpuri)

3.      My Sweetheart (Raga Iman)

4.      Ritual (Raga Malkauns)

5.      Everything’s Eventual (Raga Darbari)

6.      Dawn (Raga Bhairabi)

7.      Yesterday – (Raga Mishra Kafi)

8.      Farewell – (Raga Miyan Ki Todi)


Concept, Music Direction, Vocals and Bandish – NILANJAN NANDY


Sarod – Prasenjit / Flute - Subir


Keyboards, Guitars, Bass Guitar and Rhythm ProgrammingNILANJAN NANDY


Sound Engineer: Soumen Paul (Soprano)


Keyboards, Music Workstation and Guitars – YAMAHA, Japan






His new album  - "TOMAR NAYONO CHUMI" a Fusion style Rabindra-sangeet Album will be releasing on the 24th of August 2015, which contains Romantic, Intense and Fiery Tagore Songs sung, arranged and created by Nilanjann Himself.

Inspiration of his music came from father, Batuk Nandy, the legendary guitarist and music personality of all times, and his music teacher in school Mr. Glenn Stone. In the last 30 years he has trained under the able tutelage of great masters like Tony Menezes (Piano), Arthur Gracias & Carlton Kitto (Guitars), Ustad Sagiruddin Ali Khan (Indian classical Music), Sukumar Mitra (Modern Songs), the ghazal maestro Ustad Ghulam Ali (Pakistan), Ramkumar Chatterjee (Puratoni & Devotional) and of course his father Batuk Nandy, Aroopratan evolved into a fine musician and a vocalist by the time he was into his adulthood.

Since he wanted to become a music composer since he was in the 6th grade, he honed his skills in Vocal


music, Guitars, Sarod, Melodica, Piano, Synthesizers and various other rhythmic instruments / Indo-Afro percussions in which Drums has been the most favorite of all.

Singers ranging from Usha Uthup to Shubhomita, from Amar Pal to Raghab Chatterjee and Manomay Bhattacharya and even a jibanmukhi singer like Nachiketa have sung his compositions over and over again. 


NILANJAN is coming up with yet another music album before this Puja 2015 season... that's two releases in a row... including TOMAR NAYONO CHUMI...HOWEVER this album is titled: "FATHERS & SONS" where he has TEAMED  UP WITH HIS FATHER , THE MUSIC LEGEND - BATUK NANDY, and both of them will pay their instrumental tributes to yet another Father and Son team - Sachin Deb Burman and Rahul Deb Burman.




Aroopratan’s musical genre is wide.

It ranges from: Pop, Contemporary, and Adhunik to Rabindrasangeet, Instrumantal (Guitar, Synthesizer and Piano) Raag-prodhaan, Ghazal, Bhajans, Shyama-sangeet and Puratoni, including Western Music.

Vocalists like Usha Uthup, Indranil Sen, Shubhomita,  Lopamudra Mitra, Monomoy Bhattacharya, Raghab Chatterjee, Shampa Kundu, Anasuya Choudhury, Swapan Basu, Anjan Dutt, Srikanta Acharya, Pratik Chowdhury, Sanajit Mandal, Sudeshna Ganguly, Dwijen Mukherjee and Haimanti Shukla, Nachiketa, have lent their voices to his compositions and writings.

Among many other many prestigious awards, Aroopratan (formerly Nilanjann) received the Best Non-film Album Anandalok Puraskar Award for his compositions for NACHIKETA in the Basic Album titled “EBAR NEELANJAN”, a Saregama HMV release, in the year 2008.
Aroopratan has more than 24 albums under his belt out of which, 7 instrumental albums comprising Tagore songs, Film songs and Modern songs dedicated to maestros like Salil Chowdhury, Rahul Deb Burman and Kishore Kumar, are runaway successes in India as well as abroad. Latest releases "KISHORE and I" and "Flashback" (2011) from Cozmik Harmony, have been instant sell-outs!

Aroopratan (formerly Nilanjann) specializes in fusion music and ethnic styles and likes to program his own compositions as well as record and mix them in his own studio: WHYTE MAGICK.

Apart from his first ever composition (written by the legendary lyricist Pulak Banerjee) that was sung by Haimanti Shukla for a project in 1980 for the Polygram Records (Polydor), Aroopratan has never used the lyrics of another lyricist in any of his odd 100 compositions that has been sung by some of the finest singers of this country in the last 28 years. He prefers to write his own songs. He has even written songs in English and Hindi for major feature film releases.

He is fluent in Hindi and Urdu, apart from his mother tongue Bengali and English. 

He prefers Fender Stratocaster Guitars / Roland Amps, Yamaha and Korg Synths, and mainly works on Nuendo music recording and programming software and the MAC PRO Logic. 

He believes in minimal use of musical instruments while arranging or composing a song, if possible.

However, he uses extensive family of strings, horns, woodwinds and other percussions when doing something which is bigger than life itself, especially for a project with a historical/mythological or a period backdrop. He uses obscure instruments such as the Tuba, Oboe, Clarinet, Basoon, English and French Horns regularly, if the song allows such use of these not-so-popular instrumental sounds in the commercial/contemporary music scene. 

He believes in standing apart and being different.

He has never followed the herd!!


Original Name: Aroopratan (formerly known as Nilanjann Nandy)

Stage / Album / Screen name: Aroopratan

Born to: Batuk Nandy (Father) and Nila Nandy (Mother)

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Build: Heavy

Birth Place: Calcutta, India

Mother Tongue: Bengali

Favorite Languages: Urdu and English

Fields: Complete Music (Composing Contemporary Songs and Background Music), Songwriting, Film Making, Screenplay, Music Programming, Photography and writing Short Stories.